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Welcome to First Investors EPIC

First Investors is highly committed to serving the retirement needs of both public and private employees.

We provide high quality, customer-oriented services for retirement programs to make life easier for employers like you. We help you manage your program so as to minimize administrative workload and optimize cash flow.

Administrative Data Management Corporation (ADM), an affiliate of First Investors Corporation, has developed the Electronic Payroll Investing Center (EPIC) to assist you in meeting these goals.

With the First Investors EPIC report-only access you can log on with your confidential password and review contribution details, historical data and other key information regarding your retirement plan. With EPIC full access you can also instantly update contribution information, and safely and conveniently review and transmit your contribution instructions and payments to ADM electronically.

We've recently made some improvements to First Investors EPIC, including:

Less work and more reward: an unbeatable combination. Read on for more details on how this service can work for you and your organization.

You may access a demo of the First Investors EPIC system by clicking the "Login" link and entering the following information:

System Number:
User Name:

To subscribe to this free service, please complete the First Investors EPIC application that is located under the "Help" link. If you want additional information regarding the EPIC service, please contact your First Investors representative or our home office.